Teta – a story of a young girl

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It is a rainy day in Kibuye in 1962, when Teta is born. She is a spoiled child, the only daughter in her family. Life off ers her everything she wants.
It even off ers her the dream of every girl; love … She is seventeen when she meets Kayira. It is love at first sight. Her family agrees. She will get
married to the man she loves. But is this her destiny? To be happy and to get everything that she wants?

Her destiny was pre-determined when she was born and all she could do was to follow her destiny. Will their love resist her destiny? Will the love that fill their young hearts endure the trials of life?

Barassa was born at Nyamirambo, Kigali, Rwanda in 1987. At a very young age she dsicovered her passion for books. She was sixteen when she started to write manuscripts of novels. She was in a boarding school at Rwamagana and the only readers she had were her classmates and friends. Since then she writes …

Author: Barassa
Publishing: October 2010
Publisher: Real Africa Books, Kigali
ISBN: 9789186528065
Category: Novel in English
Cover: Paperback
Pages: 102
Format: 148 x 210 mm
Weight: 170 grams