Victory – a story of a young boy

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It is 1975. Habimana marries Kayitesi. They love each other. They disobey their parents’ will. They also disobey the rule of the Rwandan society. They get married. He is a Hutu and she is a Tutsi. The young couple is sure about that their love will help them to overcome all problems emanating from that fact. They choose to live together far away from their families who distrust them.They get four children and they are happy.

Nineteen years later is it 1994. The Rwandan society breaks down. An apocalypse of biblical dimensions occurs. This time the love between Habimana and Kayitesi does not resist the tension. Habimana’s personality changes. He kills his entire family but he spares his first born and he forces him to go into exile with him to Zaire. But his son Victory hates his father for what he has done. Victory comes back alone to Rwanda. But his wish to build a new life meets many obstacles.

Barassa was born at Nyamirambo, Kigali, Rwanda in 1987. At a very young age she dsicovered her passion for books. She was sixteen when she started to write manuscripts of novels. She was in a board ing school at Rwamagana and the only readers she had were her classmates and friends. Since then she writes…

Author: Barassa
Publishing: October 2010
Publisher: Real Africa Books, Kigali
ISBN: 9789186528072
Category: Novel in English
Cover: Paperback
Pages: 121
Format: 148 x 210 mm
Weight: 180 grams